About Us


The times have changed and thereby you will not need to dwell with pests any longer. When you have the option to keep these bugs at bay, then why deal with them?

You can prevent cockroaches, mice, and other annoying insects and bugs easily and make your home free from them. Moreover, the prime monster that you should be aware of is termites!

Once they start to dwell in your wooden house get ready to spend thousands of dollars repairing them.

It’s our family business that we have been running since its establishment to treat all types of bugs, insects, and pests in your house.

Our pest treatment includes termites, spiders, rats and mice, silverfish, cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, and ants too.

All our crew members are properly licensed, go under strict training, and are closely supervised. Also, we are HACCP accredited too!

With all the criteria being fulfilled you can guarantee our services for maximum effectiveness in compliance with strict health management guidelines.

No matter which part of Sydney you are located, bugs and insects get magnetically attracted to your house and we have got the perfect solution for them!

1. Working with children to check compliance

2. White card: Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

3. National police check

Have you completed your TERMITE CONTROL Inspection?

We have all our termite inspectors spend time learning proper techniques of termite termination.

They have been trained to expand their knowledge and experience and have taken termite inspections, treatment, and management to an advanced level.

We train our termite inspectors for Termite Reticulation and Termite Reticulation Refill procedures too.

We always keep a check on the most recent industry requirements. This results in providing the safest, environment-friendly, and most effective termite control available.

We believe in keeping your house Pest Free which is extremely critical and much needed for your house.

Cockroaches, ants, rats, mice, spiders, fleas, flying insects, bed bugs, bird control, and termites are a few household pests among the many that can cost your house and house member’s health along with pets a significant cost.

This calls for the importance to keep pests at bay from your house throughout the year, regardless of the season.

If you want to keep pests away from your home, our trained specialists will inspect the problem and opt for proper treatment using environment-friendly, pet-friendly products.